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Will Walczak Director Hiilite Marketing Website Design SEO

passion for technology, brands and business.

hiilite-icon William Walczak – Director

Passion for technology, brands and business. Will believes that maximum potential is achieved only when the right technology works in concert with the brightest creative minds. He wants to empower those around him to achieve their best results. Read More

did you say ROI? Will is an SEO expert.
Tina Walczak Creative Director Hiilite Marketing Website Design SEO

obsessed with brands, colour and culture.

hiilite-icon Tina Walczak – Creative Director

Tina Walczak is a hiking junkie, entrepreneur, music addict and the Creative Director at Hiilite. Dubbed the Luxury Brand Building Expert, Tina beautifully combines her passion for design with keen business focus. Read more

Peter Singh-Vigilante Web Developer Hiilite Marketing Website Design SEO

loves to teach the latest tech trends.

hiilite-icon Peter Singh-Vigilante – Senior Web Developer

Peter has over 12 years of experience in the multimedia industry. The spark for knowledge and a more thorough understanding of technology started when he graduated with a diploma in 3D Animation.. Read More

did you say code? Peter is web expert.
Adrienne Renaud Studio Manager Hiilite Marketing Website Design SEO

Gets shit done.

hiilite-iconAdrienne Renaud – Senior Marketing Manager

Strong communication and organizational skills. Adrienne liaises with clients and manages project workflow as well as providing hands on work in the studio.

She brings energy, resourcefulness and strong analytical skills to the team. She also makes a mean cup of coffee. Read more

creates targeted communication for results.

hiilite-iconLiz Dunning – Content Strategist

Combining a passion for content and photography, Liz brings a blend of warmth and determination to every project she tackles. A true curiosity for understanding topics of all kinds keeps her busy personally and professionally. Read more

Jamie Langevin Senior Designer Hiilite Marketing Website Design SEO

loves animation and developing smart brands.

hiilite-iconJamie Langevin – Senior Designer

Creative passion and visual communication. Jamie combines artistic expression and attention to detail to provide graphics that are both visually appealing and meaningful in design and builds smart brands.  Read more

struggling with your identity? Jamie is a design expert.

inquire, invent, inspire.

hiilite-icon Toria Mueller – Account Manager

Toria brings a fresh mindset, strong communication, and accountability to the team. She manages client accounts with care and creativity, and also drives new business. She creates relevant, on-brand content with an eye for beauty – and grammar! Read more

manages... everything.

hiilite-iconSaara Labib – Communications Manager/HR Director

Saara is the epitome of dependability. She creates a beautiful marriage between HR and Communication by treating each employee as an individual. Saara wants to see everyone shine by reaching their full potential. Plus, she is the ultimate secret keeper! Read more

combines function and layout for optimized perfection.

hiilite-icon Heather Treadgold – Web Developer

Heather seamlessly combines her skills as an expert in web development and graphic design to bring functionality and beauty to her client’s projects. Read more

brings visual communication to life.

hiilite-iconCarly Scoville – Designer

With a unique flair and a strong individual voice, Carly works on projects of all kinds, breathing life into a brand from its core principles. Read more

Tavia Grabas Writer Hiilite Marketing Website Design SEO

pioneer of brilliantly crafted words.

hiilite-iconTavia Grabas – Content Writer

Tavia is a master blog writer. There isn’t a topic that she can’t write beautifully about. Her passion for eloquent writing and a keen eye for detail means that her content is always on point.

connection, compassion, community.

hiilite-iconTeresa May – Sales, Marketing, PR

Teresa May is the networking queen, always busy going from one event to another, talking to others about marketing and web designs, as well as how Hiilite helps businesses succeed. Her strength is relationship building; with friends or clients. Read More

tactical, functional, maximal.

hiilite-iconDamien Stewart – Jr. Web Developer / SEO Analyst

Combining his eclectic skillset with the design direction found at Hiilite, Damien puts his various talents in motion daily. Motivated by his constant desire to grow, he has built the foundation of his career with an emphasis on front-end development and search-engine optimization. Read More

composes cogent and compelling communiqué.

hiilite-iconBrandon Cooper – Content Writer

Drawing the connections between media and culture, Brandon studies Communications to better understand the influence and internalization of mass-messaging. Read More


Our favourite puppy pal

hiilite-iconCooper Mueller – VP of Morale

As VP of Morale, Cooper’s responsibilities include: greeting clients, keeping watch for uninvited guests, social media inspo, test model for photoshoots, lap snuggles for motivation or warmth, excessive beauty rest, and comic relief. Read more