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How to Win a Client & Get More Work

How to Win a Client & Get More Work

By: Tina Walczak, William Walczak & Cam Schreiner

Today we’re going to discuss how you can get the clients you want, and if you are struggling to find any, a few strategies on how to find and land a new client.  

To start with, we want you to start thinking about questions you have regarding lead generation! What kind of clients do you want? What sort of work are you looking for? The more we know about you, the more we all can help. 

Lead Generation Marketing: Where it all Began

A little bit about where [Tina] started. When I was 24, I started my own design business and had nothing to fall back on. This is where I first felt what hunger really meant. I remember looking in the cupboard and all I could see was a bag of long grain rice. I remember applying for a job at a call center because it started at 5:00am, which meant I could spend my morning working for the center, and the other half of the day working on my business. It was literally the last resort. But the day before I started I got a call from the owner of Homes and Living Magazine. They needed a creative director and I told them I would do it if I could also run my business on the side, and they said yes!  

I learned that by networking, and making connections with other vendors, that they would also work for me. That if you create relationships with people who could be in contact with your potential customers then you would be more likely to create connections that could land you a deal.  

William Walczak – CEO of Hiilite and the analytics master, has helped hundreds of companies increase traffic and revenues, and not just a little, but like 300% increases. 

Lead Generation Marketing with William Walczak

William is the CEO and Director of Hiilite. He believes that maximum potential is achieved only when the right technology works in concert with the brightest creative minds. He believes that empowering and collaborating with those around him will lead to the best results. 

He offers expert business and strategy insights and advice from nearly 2 decades of expertise and a wide range of both knowledge and personal experience to help you with your challenges as a creative entrepreneur. William utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Analytics, management consulting and solid business fundamentals to find business and growth opportunities. 

He has a passion for technology, brands, and business, as well as nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience, a degree in Computer Engineering, and an MBA. Whether you are struggling with effectively running a creative practice or require insight on solving complex business problems, book a consultation with William.

1. Be Enthusiastic  

Enthusiasm and positivity go a long way. Showing a client that you’re just as excited and invested as they are will make a lasting impression. It’s also an excellent approach for turning around any possible negative feedback and turning the situation into a win-win.

2. Be Available  

Our photographer, Donovan Wagner, often comes in on weekends and this has significantly helped us. 

3. Be Proactive  

Keep putting yourself out there and make yourself seen. Being proactive and not giving up is absolutely essential to your success. 

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