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Cohesive Brand Messaging

Cohesive Brand Messaging

By: Tina Walczak & Cam Schreiner

During one of our recent Thursday Hiilite Instagram Live Videos, we discussed Cohesive Brand Messaging. Julie from Portia Ella sparked this week’s topic with her question:

How do you create a cohesive brand message, while trying to support so many niche markets?

Portia Ella: Cohesive Brand Messaging

Julie is the powerhouse for hundreds of clean beauty products, and we gotta say – you are killin’ it! Julie, you have created a place for socially conscious products and has been profitable doing so. You are already supporting these women, and I believe as women, we love to nurture others and often forget about ourselves. But people love what you are doing, they already love your brand. And the more you increase your awareness the more likely your brands will stay with you.

It’s important to support others, but we can’t do that unless we take care of ourselves first.

Marketing Objectives: Brand Messaging

Your message needs to be properly expressed and easily accessible for your audience to see. The message of the brands you are connected with comes second, and this isn’t a bad thing. Your message encompasses their message. The reason you work with them, and not other brands, is part of your reason for being. So there are steps to improve the consistency of your brand message.

3 Ways to Improve your Brand Message

Focus on you first

Your main message is what connects you to your niche markets. Tina Walczak gave a good analogy: when you are on an airplane, and the air masks come down, what is the first thing you are told to do? Put your own mask on first. If you do not have oxygen how do you expect to help those that count on you? Your overall message should encompass that of those niche markets, so place your focus there first.⠀

Make your message known

Have it everywhere, make it visible, make it confident. Take the guesswork out for people who want to know what you stand for. Creating one clear message that encompasses all the brand’s she works with.⠀

Ensure your images reflect your message

Ensure your imagery and supporting graphics reflect your message. The old adage “a picture is worth 1000 words” means that if your imagery isn’t lining up with your brand message then you have at least 1000 words working against you! The proofs in the pudding. Let’s have a look!

Case Study: User Profile

Julie was kind enough to send us a user profile so we were able to target our improvements and implement our marketing objectives towards this ideal user.

Julie’s ideal user is a younger mother who is health conscious, trendy, stylish, holistic, cares about the environment and takes care of herself.

Based on Julie’s user, we suggested a few easy changes t0 her website to help strengthen her brand message outlined in the three recommendations above.

We hope this helped. If you have any business, branding, or marketing objectives or questions, please reach out. We love hearing from you. And thank you so much for tuning in!

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