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Welcome to Hiilite

Welcome to Hiilite

Today we (soft-)launch Hiilite.

Hiilite™ is a brand expression studio based in BC, Canada.

We develop brands from scratch. We lead re-branding initiatives. We deliver creative tactical brand communications through online and offline media.

We bring a client list & portfolio forward from our previous incarnation that includes non-profit organizations, crown corporations, professional services providers, property developers, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Why “Hiilite”?

Well… first up… we’re friendly. Hii!

Second… where would we be without light? It transcends everything we do. Without R+G+B there is no CMYK. Without illumination there is no composition. Creativity in the dark can only produce arbitrary design. And design which is arbitrary never endures.

Third – our name reflects our beliefs and our approach.

You’ll find plenty of companies out there with type-A names and personalities to match. Names like Drive! Power! and Fire!

We’re more refined. Sipped single malt scotch, not shot Tequila blanco.

We know that brands aren’t built by shouting the loudest.

Sure, we can get in people’s faces when needed. But long-term brand building needs a more refined approach. Subtle, not shouty. Coloured highlights, not peroxide.

Finally – we have ambitious growth plans and needed a proprietary and adaptable name that reflects where we are going.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Hiilite!


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