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Hiiliting the Arts with Opera Kelowna

Hiiliting the Arts with Opera Kelowna

Opera Kelowna is a non-profit society that sought assistance in bringing consistency to an existing brand. A spanning collaboration of various volunteers assisting in the visual needs of the organization had created unrelated visuals that needed aligning. Drawing on common elements they wished to retain such as the black, white, and red color scheme, our brand vision for Opera Kelowna included providing digital and traditional marketing pieces to bring awareness to their organization. Creation of a visually recognizable brand reflective of the societies artistry, we are now able to focus on replacing the website format previously used to allow for more customization, SEO capabilities, that is fully responsible, and more attuned to their organizational needs.

Brand Identity Guide:
When providing a visual re-brand, the collaborative efforts of the Hiilite Creatives are combined within a Brand Identity Guide which includes, but is not limited to strategic choices in color palette, logo variations and applications, typography, and themes that align with the brands needs (seasonally, product based, etc.).

Logo and Typography Applications:
Within the Brand Identity Guide, the Hiilite Creatives provide logo variations and intended applications of typography. Client education is imparted by the explanation of logo limitations, i.e. how adequate spacing around the logo is maintained to set the graphic apart from other design elements, as well as minimum and maximum size allocations. Hiilite Creative strives to provide logos that are adaptable for any future use.


“Enchanted” For Opera Kelowna & Elegant Magazine

Photography: White Willow Photography | Styling & Creative direction:  Apryl Maxine Stead | Hair & Makeup : Missy MacKintosh | Models: Kiki Babble & Emily Adams of DVM Model Management, Posh the snake | Location: Prestige Hotel, Salmon Arm BC | Dress provided by Bliss Bridal


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