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Beautiful and Efficient- Say Hii to Our New WordPress Theme

Beautiful and Efficient- Say Hii to Our New WordPress Theme

Our development team has been working diligently behind the scenes on the next big Hiilite project. After many weekend hours and late-night sessions, we are almost ready to reveal our next offering.

We are very much a creative marketing agency but one of our main focuses is web design and development. For many years, we built and managed websites for our clients- now we want to share the tools that made that possible with the world.

We would like to formally introduce, the new Hiilite WordPress Theme…

First of all…what is a “theme”?

What is a Wordpress theme?

Think of a theme as the starting point for your entire online presence. It’s a template that will allow you to build your own website. Themes are created by developers and designers beforehand so an artist, entrepreneur, or business owner can simply add the content they need.

A theme is the look of your website. Our WordPress theme gives you a foundation to build on top of. A structure to add your own colours, fonts, and branding. It’s a starting point that can allow almost anyone to construct a stunning website.

What makes the Hiilite Theme unique?

When we first started working with WordPress, we found ourselves frustrated trying to piece together several elements from multiple themes that we enjoyed. In order to best serve our clients, we created this theme to provide flexibility. Our theme is all about design customization, whereas most themes are very limited in this area.

If you have ever worked with our team you know we are obsessed with SEO. We wanted users of our theme to have absolute control over their search engine optimization. Our theme puts the owner in the SEO driver seat with access to the best controls, signals and variables. The vast majority of themes and websites are not created with SEO in mind.

Do I need a web developer to use a theme?

Our theme has flexibility. It can be used by anyone, from a novice designer to a seasoned developer. You can push our theme to the max and add on a plethora of extensions or you can use the structure to create a website that only uses the essentials.

The benefits the Hiilite WordPress Theme

Over 60% of the internet is built on WordPress. Our theme provides you with one of the easiest to use CMS (Content Management Systems) making the process of building and maintaining your website painless. When we were building our theme, we wanted users to focus on their business, not on a bunch of code. With the Hiilite Theme, you can drag and drop whatever features you require onto your website and let the design flow effortlessly with our colour pickers.

Worried that your website will look the same as everyone else?

making a unique Wordpress theme

This is a common concern first time users of WordPress have. Our theme, like other WordPress Themes, is simply a highly customizable template. Once you have access to the template your website can follow multiple directions that will result in a completely unique website. There is no need to worry about having the same design as someone else- just take a look at some of our work that used a similar template!

Is it hard to make a theme?

We have been building and modifying our theme for over 4 years. Since then it has been used to create over 1,000 websites for businesses all over the world. We wanted it to be perfect and very different from other available options. Just like Hiilite, we believe we have beautifully combined design and SEO into an easy to use application.

Why we know you will love it

Hiilite employee enjoys benefits of Wordpress theme
  • Fast and efficient
  • Built to let your website rise in the search rankings
  • Fully built and developed by our team (we can support it)
  • Provides flexibility and full customization
  • Easy to use out of the box. Drag, drop and enjoy
  • Constantly being improved by our Dev team
  • Add “custom coding” without knowing how to code

Are you excited to say Hii to your new theme? You will soon be able to find the Hiilite WordPress theme on the largest theme retailer in the world,

Are you wondering when the exact release date is? Want to see the theme in action?

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