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Bike Sharing Program in Kelowna

Bike Sharing Program in Kelowna

Minimal Risks, Massive Rewards

10 years ago, a group of Kelowna city council representatives traveled to Portland, Oregon to analyze the city’s successful bike share program. Fast forward to 2018 and a similar project has finally been given the green light in Kelowna.

The city has done well during their negotiations with Dropbike, the Toronto-based company that is helping to orchestrate this program. Dropbike will be assuming all the costs associated with the bike sharing program with no government assistance required.

A few topics that are up for debate are the lack of “docking stations” and helmets, neither of which will be supplied by Dropbike. Their system works with a series of “Havens”, which are located throughout the city where users can lock the bikes up at its final destination (their haven of choice).

There will be a smartphone app that works in unison with a bank card, that allows riders to rent bikes at the rate of $1 per hour. The program will run as a trial for 18 months with an estimated 500- 1500 bikes in circulation. It’ll then be reviewed by Dropbike and the city to determine if the project will continue.

Have you ever used a shared bike service nationally or internationally?

Are Kelowna pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike ready to share the street and fully obey the rules of the road? #HighwayCode 

Hiilite can’t wait to see how Dropbike will help compliment the current public transit systems and bring further awareness to environmentally friendly methods of travel in British Columbia!


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