Seger Nelson


Seger has worked as a filmmaker for over 6 years on everything from commercial videos to award-winning action sports films. Having recently completed his BSc. in physics, Seger is ready to combine art and science and bring a unique perspective and style to any project. 


With a unique combination of artistic and scientific skills, Seger’s background in physics and academic research helps him craft truly unique and innovative work at Hiilite. He combines care and attention with ambitious ideas to create results that exceed expectations.  

Seger’s teenage years were initially dedicated to competitive ski racing until he was in a ski accident that required extensive surgery. During his rehabilitation, he decided to buy a camera and began making short films. He loved it so much he decided to quit ski racing completely and spent the next few years simultaneously growing his filmmaking business and building his knowledge of science at university. He’s proud to say he’s now graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in physics. 

Seger prides himself on being able to efficiently and effectively direct, shoot, edit, and deliver original, high-quality videos to clients. He thrives on figuring out ways to make any service or product come to life in everything from showcasing a new makeup line to highlighting the quality work of a septic tank service.  

Outside of work and school, Seger enjoys making music, backcountry skiing (he still needs the thrill of being on the slopes), and getting immersed in Dungeons & Dragons with his friends.

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