Julia Szathmary

Marketing Project Manager

Julia has an eye for design and an intense passion to be organized. From acrylic paints to marketing strategies, she loves creating in all different mediums. She has always resonated with branding and designs that challenged the status quo and gave her reason to pause and think about them. 

From print to digital marketing, Julia is proud to say she’s accomplished quite a bit. She’s published campaigns in national newspapers across Canada, helped non-profits raise millions of dollars in donations, and created digital strategies for a wide range of clients just to name a few. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Julia quickly traded the hustle and bustle of the Ontario concrete jungle for the mountain views of BC. Fascinated by the human mind, Julia completed a Bachelor’s of Psychology with a minor in Fine Arts. This blend of worlds and thinking led her to the crazy, ever-evolving world of marketing and she’s excited to be a part of it every day.  

When she isn’t creating innovative marketing strategies, you can find her floating down rivers across BC, nose deep in a murder mystery novel, or crafting both knicks and knacks with her cat (mostly) purring beside her.

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