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Social Media Strategy – What Is It?

Social media strategy is a plan for how you’re going to implement social media marketing and other content. Everyone knows what social media is, but not everyone is using a social media strategy. Because of that, they’re missing out on important results.  

Creating a social media strategy involves establishing goals you want your social media to achieve and intently understanding your target audience. By diving into both you’ll be able to take the stress away from just posting or advertising hoping to find something that sticks. With our help, you’ll develop a streamlined plan that targets your specific audience and set realistic, attainable goals that will improve your return on investment. 

Why Is a Social Media Strategy a Good Investment?

Social media strategy gives businesses a way to develop and plan their social media in a timely way and establish meaningful goals they want to achieve. It also cuts down on time spent trying to spontaneously create content just to stay relevant and active enough online. Plus, a social media strategy gives direction and purpose to your content to allow it to flow better from one post to the next.  

Everyone and their dog, cat, and even iguanas are on social media, but with so much competition out there it’s hard to make the voice of your business heard. That’s why crafting a social media strategy is one of the most important (but often overlooked) steps to creating a social presence that’s an accurate and engaging representation of your brand. 

How Do We Achieve These Results for Our Social Media Strategy Clients?

We assist them through a series of steps so they come out with a personalized plan tailored to their goals. 

These steps include the following: 

  • Discovering and refining their goals. For instance, why do they want to be on social media? Is it to build a following? Showcase their work? Connect with their target audience? 
  • Establishing their target audience. Appealing to everyone reduces your voice. Understanding what kind of people would engage with your content is crucial. 
  • Researching what your competition is doing so you can do better. Potentially even using them as inspiration for your own posts. 
  • Auditing your existing social media so you can get the facts on what is working well and what needs to be adjusted or discontinued. 
  • Building a social media calendar to set up a schedule of your posts, what theme your posts will have (if any), and so on. 


What Are the Elements of Social Media Strategy?

Auditing your own social media accounts

It’s important to understand a baseline for where you’re currently at so you know what has been working, and where inconsistencies are, if any. It’s also a good idea to do this regularly so that you can review your goals and potentially pivot your strategy. 

Establishing clear, attainable goals

Probably one of, if not the most important element, clear goals will inform your strategy moving forward. It’s also important to set goals that can be measured so that success can be tracked reliably. Goals that can’t be measured make it challenging to understand when they’ve been completed. 
We help clients set goals that best align with the success they want to achieve, focusing on making them specificbespoke, and measurable. 

A thorough understanding of a company’s target audience

If you were an accounting company, you wouldn’t give a presentation on taxes to kids in elementary school because that’s not the audience you want to reach. The same is true for social media strategy. You need a deep understanding of your target audience to support your goals and get people to listen to your message.  
Details like their pain points, occupation, fears, desires, beliefs, and so on. The more rounded a profile, the better you’ll understand how to reach them. 

Choosing the right platforms

Building a social media presence for your business doesn’t mean you need to be on every single platform. In fact, you most likely shouldn’t as your target audience probably isn’t going to be on all of them either. 
As a marketing agency, we can help you focus on a platform (or platforms) that your audience is on, aligns with your goals, and will showcase your business in the best possible way. 

Crafting a posting schedule

The heart of every good social media strategy is a social media schedule. This involves scheduling content to go out at the right time, planning for holidays and major business events to potentially incorporate posts about them into your schedule, and creating an organized way to send out content. 

Leveraging specific social tools

Certain social media platforms have specific features like Instagram Live or Pinterest Boards that allow for unique ways to interact and engage with your target audience. They can support your goals when used strategically and can help build your following further as well. 

Measuring success

No matter the social media strategy, analysis and measurement should always be included. Through analysis, we can help you find out what worked and what didn’t so that your social media can be continually refined to produce better and better results. 

Leveraging engagement

It’s no longer enough to simply post something online and let it run its course. Engaging with your audience will continually help build your social media (and brand) community and its something that should absolutely be a part of your social media strategy. 
This could be as simple as responding to comments on posts to setting up a livestream to answer common questions about your business.  

What Separates Hiilite’s Social Media Strategy Services From Other Marketing Agencies?


You won’t be handcuffed to long-term contracts. In fact, we won’t handcuff you for a specific amount of time. Ever. While we encourage you to let us help you execute your social media strategy, you are free to leave and take your assets with you at any time. 

You’ll own all your deliverables.  

You’ll optimize your marketing costs. 

You get a dedicated account manager to be your guide, as well as a full support team that includes an analyst, a web designer/developer, PPC ad manager, and professional, in-house copywriter.  

You get the peace of mind that we have your back. Social media strategy gives you direction, but we can also provide you with other services like social media content creation, customer support in case there’s a glitch with your social media, and even perform social engagement on your behalf. 

We believe in building partnerships, not acquiring clients. You can be rest assured your dedicated account manager will be there for all of your needs and will over-deliver on results.  

Holistic content creation team in house 

Hiilite has all the resources, expertise and experience to create unlimited content INHOUSE (blogs, video, podcasts, photos, marketing collateral, signage, logos, design, ANYTHING). This is a huge advantage over digital marketing agencies that don’t have this option as we can curate exceptional assets that allow you to continually scale your business. 

This can be an especially helpful asset for businesses that would like custom work done for their social media strategy. 

Frequently Asked Social Media Questions

Is a Social Media Strategy Necessary for Success? 

Yes, there’s just too much content out there for people to easily fill their day. You need to stand out to your target audience if you want to build a social presence. A strong social media strategy with concrete, measurable goals will help build the foundation of your success.  

There’s only so much time in the day as well, and having a purpose and direction with your social media will help you save time and focus the resources you absolutely need for it. 

What Are Some Examples of Social Media Strategies? 

  • Increasing or improving brand awareness so more people recognize your brand. 
  • Making people aware of and driving them to your website. 
  • Generating new leads. 
  • Increasing revenue through sign-ups or sales of your product or service. 
  • Boosting engagement with your brand. 
  • Growing a community around your brand and business. 
  • Provide customer service over your social media platforms 

Background of Hiilite’s Social Media Strategy Work

Our roots date back to 2004, and we have been serving clients in a variety of industries ever since. We firmly believe that everything communicates and we work to ensure this value and belief system is in everything we do for clients including their social media strategy. 

We’ve helped clients in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, New York, Los Angeles set themselves up for success through a variety of social media strategies for everything from social media for hospitality to finding ways to get the maximum engagement for tire shops and everything in between. We keep our tone friendly and are unafraid to challenge the status quo. 

Companies we’ve helped with social media:

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An effective Marketing Strategy increases sales and provides a sustainable competitive advantage.

We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that will define your goals, identify your target audience, and detail the tactics to achieve success.

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