Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Brand – Brand Identity

This is the public perception of your brand. All visual elements of your brand including logo, design, colour, name, symbols, and font combine to create your brand identity. This allows you to distinguish your brand from the competitors. It also gives your customers and insight into how your company defines itself. You can communicate all kinds of adjectives and descriptors through your visual presence and it can be very influential to your potential customers.

Start with the Basics

The first step is to truly understand your business. Before beginning any design, ask yourself the following questions:

– Who is my target audience?

– How do we offer value to our customers?

– What values do you possess?

– What emotion do you want to convey?

– Is your message clear?

– Can people identify your business quickly within a glance?

– Can you keep it consistent?

What are the Important Elements?

Logo – Consistent throughout all platforms of print and web.

Colour – Speaks to the feeling of your business.

Name – Conveys who and what your business is about.

Symbols – Keep in-line with your overall brand design.

Font – Needs to stay consistent with your messaging.

Where does this strategy apply?

The simple answer is everywhere. Whether you are advertising, communicating with customers or building your office space, your brand identity communicates who you are as a company and what your values are. This brand identity is what makes you recognizable and trusted within your market.