Den Otter

Chief Financial Officer

Richard is no spring chicken. As the founder of Kelowna Accounting Solutions (his own company) he draws on fourteen years of experience working with small businesses and individuals to help them define and achieve their goals. Through his work, he has acquired a full suite of skills surrounding accounting information systems, management consultingand financial planning that continue to serve him well in his role at Hiilite 

A relentless knowledge-seeker, Richard especially loves learning about information technology. He is also passionate about the development of consulting framework geared towards small businesses and nonprofit entitiesEager to implement his knowledgeRichard looks forward to every opportunity to help a business achieve their aspirations. 

An active advocate of social entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices, Richard has a knack for seeing the potential in both people and organizations. When he’s not finding ways to make Hiilite even more profitable, he enjoys spending time outside of work learning about psychology, mental health, and social issues. 

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