As an in-house photographer with Hiilite, Donovan’s work sees him split between the excitement of photoshoots and the rigours of editing. Since entering the world of photography, Donovan has been quick to master the art, fearlessly displaying his work publically at home and across Canada. He sets his sights high, with lofty goals of shooting for major automotive brands and shaping Kelowna into a photography powerhouse.

But it hasn’t always been the glamour of bright lights and elegant shoots for Donovan. Before Hiilite, Donovan worked on service rigs in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Feeling creatively repressed, he stepped forward to fulfill his lifelong passion, leaving the rig work behind. Now enjoying the far milder climate of the Okanagan, Donovan continues perfecting his craft at Hiilite while caring for his family at home.

Top Pics:

Donovan Wagner