Cooper Mueller

VP of Morale

Meet Cooper. The smallest, youngest, and quietest member of the team – besides the occasional playtime snorts and naptime snoring. Cooper’s curiosity, loving nature, and unbeatable adorableness brings joy and energy to the team. His experience in fetching, cuddling and posing for a camera, make him the perfect asset to our unique team.

As VP of Morale, his responsibilities include: greeting clients, keeping watch for uninvited guests, social media inspo, test model for photoshoots, lap snuggles for motivation or warmth, excessive beauty rest, and comic relief.

“I used to be a tiny guy, scared of absolutely everything. Now I’m the biggest Boston terrier you’ve probably ever seen, and am only scared sometimes. I hope my story can inspire others. Follow my journey on Instagram!” @Cooper_puppybaby #CooperMueller

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