With a unique flair and a strong individual voice, Carly works on projects of all kinds, breathing life into a brand from its core principles.


From a young age Carly was learning the ins and outs of the Adobe Creative Suite. Starting with fan art in Photoshop, her illustrations fueled the ongoing passion she holds for graphic design of all shapes and kinds. Carly brought her love for film and theatre to her studies regularly while at The Centre for Arts and Technology (CATO), graduating with a Diploma in Graphic Design & Web Development. From Carly’s perspective, musical theatre has something for everyone, with storylines that resonate powerfully through the combination of multiple art forms – her all-time favourite is Hedwig and the Angry Inch, an unorthodox story about finding oneself in a world that tries to define boundaries around who you are. At Hiilite, Carly creates visual art of all forms, revealing her talent through every piece she is a part of.