Strategy – Trend Forecasting

Being able to correctly identify past sales and market growth is a great way to determine the direction we need to point your business in for success. There are many different trends that we can study.

Seasonal Patterns

Many businesses experience natural ups and downs when it comes to how busy they are. Some of these seasonal trends apply to many businesses and some are specific to the individual client. Understanding these trends allows us to properly identify where there are opportunities for growth. If you see a natural dip in business the same time every year, maybe there is a way we can lessen the impact of that down time on your bottom line.

Social Media Trends

In the world of Social Marketing, things are always changing. We see changes in the algorithms that each social platform uses as well as the platform itself. In order to stay on top of those changes we continuously monitor the success of the content we produce. This allows us to adjust and change our strategy where needed to ensure that you are getting the best results from your social network.

Online Technology

By 2020 studies show, they expect that there will be over 5 billion internet users. With this many people online, the internet will continue to change and develop at a rapid rate. Internet users are becoming more mobile and changing the way they expect their technology to work for them. Google and many other internet companies are user based and design all of their business decisions based on user experience. Staying on top of these changes will allow Hiilite to keep your business ahead of the trend.