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Developing a website for your business needs to be a balance between a beautiful design and the right functionality. HiiWP gives you both! With everything you need and nothing you don’t, our theme provides flexibility to create a beautifully designed site that is optimized for speed. It is extremely customizable, Woocommerce ready and comes with valuable built in add-ons. Get ready to launch your site with a fully supported theme both designed and tested by industry experts.




Fully Responsive

HiiWP is a fully responsive WordPress theme and works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.


Choose between 2 different portfolio single layouts and 3 different portfolio list layouts.

Extremely Customizable

Unlimited colors and sizes for all elements, 600+ Google fonts, and a robust backend offer a solution for a variety of business or personal uses.

Search Engine Optimized

Search engines will easily index any page of your website because of the integrated search engine support. Set meta keywords and description for each individual page and increase SEO ranking.

WPML Ready

Fully compatible with the WPML multilingual plugin – create multilingual web sites

Fixed Header

You can set header to be fixed, and set it to shrink on page scroll.

Search Field

You can turn the search functionality on/off. When the search is enabled a search button will be displayed on the right side of menu.


Enable social media icons and easy share functionality with the click of a button.

Child Theme Ready

HiiWP is pre-packaged with a Child Theme, allowing you to fully create your own theme on top of HiiWP while continuing to receive updates to the parent theme with out messing with your child-theme customizations.

WooCommerce Ready

HiiWP comes with complete support for the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, which enables you to sell your products online. Style your shop pages easily through our admin interface.

Visual Composer for WordPress ($34 value) included free

The drag-and-drop Visual Composer page builder for WordPress will save you tons of time working on your site content. Now you’ll be able to create complex layouts within minutes!

Gravity Forms CSS

Use the most popular premium forms plugin with our theme.

Add Custom Styles

No need to wallow through lines of code just to add your own custom css.

Fully Supported

Whenever you have an issue with our theme or WordPress in general, we are here to assist you. Post a comment or open a ticket here


The purpose of the Help Center is to provide you with the right answers at the right time. Our support is provided only for direct product buyers. While applying at our Help Center you will be asked to provide valid purchase code of our products.

Our Help Center is the only official Hiilite support handling mechanism. Questions sent using other channels may be ignored without notice.

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Pre-Support Actions

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Opening Support Ticket

In order to get response in reasonable time we are kindly asking you to provide following information while opening support ticket:

  • Your website URL
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  • Any other information that you find useful

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There are certain things that you can expect from our Help Center:

  • We always have bug-related and technical support in priority
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What You Can Not Expect From Our Support?

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Change Log


  • Added visibility options to vc_row
  • Added fix for support licensing
  • Added option to remove page loader animation
  • Fixed CSS Async & Javascript Deferring


  • Minor layout a design bug fixes
  • Fixed id on textblock
  • Removed default underline on hover for a tags
  • Fixed Post Grid design options not applying
  • Fixed slider arrows not showing
  • Separated Social Icons and default Site Icons in the customizer settings


  • Major Updates to all files
  • All plugin territory functions moved to HiiWP Plus Plugin, now a required plugin install with theme.
  • Reworking of Carousel shortcodes.


  • Fixes to schema
  • General Code cleanup
  • Updated Kirki to 3.0.25
  • Modified form styling for all form elements including Gravity Forms
  • Now loading fontawesome from a CDN. smaller footprint for the plugin and async loading will improve performance for everyone
  • Added option to hide password protected posts.
  • Update for compatibility with PHP 7.2
  • Updated CMB2 to 2.3.0


  • Fixes for colors in customizer
  • Removed BackupBuddy from default plugins


  • Adding Sensei support (in development)
  • Updates to Kirki
  • Moved files for required plugins to remote downloads.


  • Updated CMB2 & Kirki Libraries
  • also added missing controls stylesheet
  • Fix to WooCommerce
  • Updated packaged plugins
  • Fixes to site variables
  • All custom CSS fields now must include proper CSS rule structure


  • Updated Kirki to 3.0.17
  • Updated packaged plugins
  • Fixes to site variables
  • All custom CSS fields now must include proper CSS rule structure


  • Checking the layout of product pages in woocommerce
  • Modified Visual Composer admin css
  • fixes to portfolio hooks
  • added target attribute to buttons
  • Added post formats
  • New icons on post formats
  • New animation on dropdown menues
  • Updated Kirki to 3.0.16
  • Added ability to push social icons to selected menu
  • Search icon is now top menu item
  • Added Shop and Product sidebars for WooCommerce


  • Added viewport-units-buggyfill
  • Moved favicon code to hiiwp_head function
  • Removed duplicate instance of hiiwp from Hii class
  • Fixes to <title> tag for better compatibility with new WordPress title formats
  • Default button radius set to 0
  • Fully HTML Validated
  • Updated WooCommerce template files
  • Deactivate SEO Options when Yoast SEO is installed


  • Adding Hooks Library
  • Theme Licensing groundwork added
  • Fixes to page titling
  • Re-styling of select elements


  • Removed built in Google Analytics and XML Sitemap plugins. Now must be added as a plugin
  • General file cleanup and rearrangement
  • Fixed to business profiles


  • Updated Visual Composer (will have to remove current and re-install plugin to get update)
  • Fixed issue with Portfolio horizontal masonry images not showing
  • Fixed menu CSS in customizer


  • Changing to development, testing, and production environments. Will be employing keys to all client websites hosting the hiiwp theme to begin receiving updates from the prod (master) environment.


  • Major overhaul of Customizer class structure
  • Changes to the header menu CSS


  • Added HiiDDF Realestate listing management and mapping
  • Major changes and bug fixes to numerous files
  • Changed Page Options to allow more control of page titles.
  • All plugins must now be installed independently (no longer embedded)
  • Next release will be a major update changing all default styling and removing all AMP options. The new theme will be titled the HiiWP Theme


  • Added active slide function


  • Fixes and minor updates


  • Updates to Kirki integration
  • major revamp of Customizer


  • Numerous bug fixes and updates
  • Updates to Listing and Woocommerce


  • Added testimonial customizer
  • Updates to Heading customizer


  • Major Update, please review all your Hiilite SEO settings and re-enter any missing data.
  • Google Analytics is not connected under the Hiilite SEO menu and not through the customizer
  • SEO options in customizer have been removed and will now use the title and description in the Hiilite SEO menu