Instagram Automation Software

Get real followers today with our powerful Instagram automation tool!

Purchase our Instagram automation services to target the right audience, increase your engagement and sales. Whether you are a small business owner or an upcoming social media influencer, this tool is for you!

After you have entered in your information, you will be prompted to complete a quick questionnaire and within 2 business days, you will start to see your Instagram growth take off.

How Does Our Instagram Growth Tool Work?

Once you provide us with the goals of your account we optimize your account’s automation strategy using machine learning and artificial intelligence to like, comment, and follow other Instagram users. Target the followers of influential users, the locations people tag, or the hashtags they use. The more you interact with Instagram users who are interested in the same content as you, the higher the chance that these people will follow you! Focus on other areas of your life/business and watch your account take off πŸš€.

Sign up

Setup is simple. Once you’ve entered in your information, answer some quick questions. Within two days we will set your account up and launch your campaign.

Target your audience

With the details you provide in our questionnaire, Hillite will set up your account to auto follow, like, commenting (depending on your preferences) at a safe and optimal rate. We target hyper-relevant users and their content based on hashtags, specific accounts, and those who geo-tag near your location.

We get to work

People will start to notice your account through notifications and interact and follow you if they like your content. This has long been one of the most effective strategies to increase your Instagram followers. If you require any updates to your settings, just contact us to ensure your campaign is optimized for best results.

Watch your account grow by the day!

It’s really that easy! Review and tweak the settings of your strategy at the guidance of one of our experts!

Automate your likes on Instagram posts

You know when people really feel the love? It’s when someone goes out of their way to recognize their content. With our tool, you’ll leave a ‘like’ on your target audience’s posts. We increase the effectiveness of this strategy by liking posts tagged with the hashtags or geo-locations most likely to convert into followers of your account.

Automate your comments on Instagram posts

Stand out in the crowd with a meaningful comment on someone’s post. Are you an online business with a discount code? This is a great place to let your customer’s know.

Automate the accounts you follow on Instagram

One of the most reliable sources of gaining followers is by following accounts first. By automating the process you are able to do this at scale. All accounts you’ve followed using our automation services will eventually be un-followed, and you keep the followers πŸ˜€!

Automate the locations you interact with on Instagram

Some of the most time-consuming efforts for business accounts on Instagram is finding other accounts in your local area and interacting with them. With automation software, this can be done at scale, completely on auto-pilot! This is especially useful if you want to drive quality users from a particular location, or even drive them to your physical storefront.

Do you own a snowboarding apparel company? You can target people who have geo-tagged popular ski resorts to try and turn them into a follower and future customer! Be sure to let us know if there are particular locations you want to target.

Who benefits from Instagram automation?

Personal trainers, influencers, make-up artists, aspiring models, actors, local and E-Commerce businesses. Anyone who wants to get Instagram followers and seriously boostΒ their online presence!

We work with accounts at all stages and work to understand their exact targeting requirements. Customers love us because:

  • We provide real Instagram followers
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Massive ROI potential
  • Increased brand loyalty, relationships and networking opportunities

Case Studies

Online Ecommerce Store (in less than 2 months)

Starting Followers: 253

Current Followers: 2,736

Local Pet Services Provider (in 3 months)

Starting Followers: 279

Current Followers: 4,266

Lifestyle & Entrepreneur Influencer (in 1 week)

Starting Followers: 12,295

Current Followers: 13,008

Photography Business & Influencer (in 6 months)

Starting Followers: 1,367

Current Followers: 8,374

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