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Build brand credibility as you increase conversions and land new clients with thoughtful, data-lead landing pages.
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  • Grow your email list
  • Drive results from your paid advertising campaigns
Hiilite gets the results you are looking for! Tell us a little bit about your company and what your objectives are and our team of marketing experts will create a unique digital marketing strategy to help crush your goals!

Want To Learn More About The Business Benefits of Better Landing Pages? Hiilite Has The Best Landing Page Writers For Your Website. Read On!

Landing Pages - What Are They?

Landing pages are intelligent web pages that are designed specifically to perform one marketing function. That function might be to convince buyers to purchase a certain product or capture email addresses from your visitors. Simply, landing pages are designed to transform visitors into customers.

It achieves this by using targeted language and user-friendly layouts to encourage your visitors to come to a certain conclusion – they want whatever it is you’re offering.


Why Are Landing Pages Important For Your Business?

Landing pages are a home for your lead magnets, promotions, and special offers.

To illustrate their value, let us provide you with an example:

You’re the owner of a software company – and, because you know it’s how you’ll be found online, you’ve started a blog. A new visitor has discovered your blog post and scrolled all the way down to the bottom, where you’ve presented your unbeatable special offer – a free security consultation.

Now, without a landing page, you’ll likely need to direct that new visitor to your company ‘contact us’ page. That’s fine, it’s on-brand, simple, and easy-to-use. But it’s not inspiring. They might click out before entering their information.

But – a landing page is GREAT. It outlines exactly what you’ll cover in your free consultation, why that will help your new visitor, and sparks enough interest that they’ll hand over their details.

Landing pages are designed to have you reap the benefits of your other marketing efforts. They’re the perfect place for your CTAs and paid ads to land!

What Type of Results Can You Get Using Landing Pages?

Landing Pages can help you access these benefits:

  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Conversion
  • Give Your Promotions and Offers A Place To Live
  • Collect Detailed Information About Your Demographic
  • Drive Engagement
  • Drive Decision-Making in Your Marketing Strategy
  • Targeted, Focused Advertising
  • Short Road to Results
  • Reap the Benefits of Your Other Marketing Efforts

Using the data your landing pages generate, we’ll report back to you about the ROI on your landing page – and make data-informed changes to optimize its performance over time.

That’s how you get results!

How Does Hiilite Write Such Good Landing Pages?

We prioritize clarity at every step.

Clear messaging.

Clear calls-to-action.

Clear language.

Clear formatting.

Clear layout.

There’s a time and a place to keep it simple – and landing pages are that place

We drive results by making the purpose of the page clear.

And that’s exactly why they work.

Why Hiilite For Your Landing Page Design?

In addition to our outstanding in-house copywriting team, we’ve got web developers, designers, and user-experience experts on our team to ensure that your landing page is optimized from every possible angle. Giving you the best possible chance to drive profits, increase email signups, and generate leads.

Does Hiilite Offer Any Other Digital Marketing Services?

Web Design

Developing a website for your business needs to be a balance between a beautiful design and the right functionality.

Once we have determined your target audience and your business plan, we can help you to choose the right platform to accomplish your goals.

A business websites requires an intuitive balance of information along with an easy way for customers to contact or book with your company. That is where we start. After that we tailor your site to the needs of your business. Developing content to boost SEO allows us to establish you as the expert in your field. We include custom contact forms, questionnaires and ways to collect feedback.

Email Marketing

Looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business? For every $1 spent on email marketing, $44 is made in return. Our professional email marketers help your business stay top-of-mind with your prospects and existing customers by sending custom newsletters. Test opt-in email marketing today!


We build brands from scratch, refresh existing brands, and provide full rollout support through our marketing strategy and graphic design services. If the thought of branding, rebranding or shifting the perception of your existing brand scares you, we’re here to calm the waters; we’ve navigated dozens of brand development initiatives for clients – and we’ve been through them ourselves.

Branding requires the right blend of process, intuition, experimentation & leadership. There is more to giving a brand a life than developing a set of guidelines. And so, our portfolio shows brand roll-outs across a variety of media: web, printed collateral, video, social, email, sales environments, signage, packaging, events, advertising, direct mail.

Social Media Management

Social Media here seen an explosion of growth! Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and many others have become the best place for meaningful engagement. It’s safe to say that the era of social media is just getting started, and the need for social media in business will only become stronger over time. The whole world has seen the impact of the expansion and adoption of social media tactics, and the rising stats speak for themselves.

We dig into the numbers to develop a strategy, then design tactics to attain your goals. Not every platform is right for every business, that’s why we delve into the nitty gritty to identify your audience and the right channels for reaching them. The we craft the content, execute the plan and monitor the metrics that matter most to you.

Lead Generation

Hiilite arms you with the data, people, strategies, and tools needed to execute your lead gen plan to perfection. We’ll help you build a solid lead generation process to capture the interest of your best buyers, develop them into warm prospects through nurturing and create a faster route to sales.


A simple, yet often overlooked aspect when designing your site, is ensuring that it is optimized for all devices. With the world, including search, going global, you want to ensure your website is responsive and considers the mobile experience when designing and optimizing.

As part of our website build process, themes used are mobile responsive, but our designers and developers have been trained to also test and QA on all device types to ensure a smooth user experience. Finally, our Digital Marketing experts do a final review of the site to ensure high value conversions/actions are intuitive regardless of the device being used to access the site.

Analytics & Reporting

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engines like Google read this file to more intelligently crawl your site. A sitemap tells the crawler which files you think are important in your site, and also provides valuable information about these files: for example, for pages, when the page was last updated, how often the page is changed, and any alternate language versions of a page.

You can use a sitemap to provide information about specific types of content on your pages, including video and image content. The team at Hiilite is well versed in reviewing your website’s sitemap ensuring it is accurately crawled and indexed in a way that is most optimal.

PPC Advertising

Hiilite’s Pay-Per-Click Ad Management methodology ensures your company is visible on social media platforms and google searches in order to cultivate a following, gain brand recognition and grow your customer base.

We manage, optimize, tailor and monitor your campaigns to ensure substantial improvements. There are a variety of paid marketing avenues to choose from including pay-per-click Google Adwords and social media ad platforms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’re ready to start your business. You’ve spent hours developing a plan, scrutinizing your brand and had Hiilite Web Design and Marketing create a badass website. Now off into the world you go… Wait!

Before you leave, there are a few things you should know about your new website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you have Hiilite help you on an ongoing basis, you are gaining the knowledge of our in-house experts. We are here to help ensure that your online presence stays up to date, functional and optimized for it’s best performance. As you move forward there will be updates, changes and maintenance required on your website. You won’t be able to see them all, but they will drastically improve your site’s optimization. The Hiilite team will help you make the changes, and work with you to ensure you’re getting every advantage you can.

Video Marketing

Video is 50 times more likely to rank organically in the search results than text pages. Video also increases conversion rates by as high as 80%. What are you waiting for? Enhance your website, differentiate your brand, and get more leads with online videos!

What Separates Hiilite From The Rest Of The Digital Marketing Agencies?


You won’t be handcuffed to long-term contracts. We won’t handcuff you for a specific amount of time. Ever. While we encourage you to give your campaigns at least three to six months to fully ramp up, you are free to leave and take your assets with you at any time.

You’ll own all your deliverables, including your website.

You’ll optimize your marketing costs.

You get a dedicated account manager to be your guide, as well as a full support team that includes an analyst, a web designer/developer, PPC ad manager, and professional, in-house copywriter.

You get the peace of mind that we have your back. Digital marketing is a long-term investment, which is why we believe in building partnerships, not acquiring clients. You can rest assured your dedicated account manager will be there for all of your needs and will over-deliver on results.

You get detailed monthly reports (you can actually understand) that tie your digital marketing services to your bottom line.

Holistic content creation team in house

Hiilite has a the resources, expertise and experience to create unlimited content IN HOUSE (blogs, video, podcasts, photos, marketing collateral, signage, logos, design, ANYTHING). This is a huge advantage over digital marketing agencies that don’t have this option as we can curate exceptional assets that allow you to continually scale your business.

Data-driven to provide maximum ROI

A dedicated digital marketing analyst that can swiftly derive actionable insights from the reports to make website changes that are supported by data.

Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions

Is Digital Marketing Necessary For Success?

The short answer is yes. If you have an incredibly strong brand you may generate sufficient sales simply from those searching for your branded products. However, if you are just starting out, or operate in an extremely saturated industry, you need to compete online. Traditional methods of advertising just don’t have the impact or ROI of digital marketing and SEO. Finally, your competitors are optimizing their websites for search engines. If you choose not to, you are losing precious market share in your local area.

What Other Internet Marketing Strategies Are There?

Other alternatives include: pay per click advertising on Google or Facebook, which can be very expensive. The thing about SEO is that it is long-term. If you are able to rank atop Google’s search engine results pages, you will receive guaranteed traffic that is completely FREE. SEO is something that you can do on your own using the strategies that have been mentioned, or you can use a professional Digital Marketing company like Hiilite to do all of the work for you, skyrocketing your rankings, allowing you to focus on other areas of your marketing.

Background Of Hiilite’s Digital Marketing Work

Our roots date back to 2004, and we have been serving clients in a variety of industries ever since. We firmly believe that everything communicates and we work to ensure this value and belief system is in everything we do for clients including their SEO strategy.

We’ve achieved first page rankings for businesses in competitive locations like Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, New York, Los Angeles and more! We keep our tone friendly and are unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Companies we’ve helped with digital marketing:

Next, we can help marketing strategy:

An effective Marketing Strategy increases sales and provides a sustainable competitive advantage.

We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that will define your goals, identify your target audience, and detail the tactics to achieve success.

See Marketing Strategy Services
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