Live Well

Waterfront Cafe


Café Brand Identity & Design

Standing out from the crowd is particularly challenging for cafés. Given the multitude of brands vying for the same audience, the idea of a “classy but contemporary” café has been done to death. Why? Because it’s simple and it works.

Conveying Brand Essence

Waterfront Cafés unique value is displayed in two key ways. First, by showing their commitment to locally sourced, organic, top-tier ingredients. Second, by focusing in on the team members who enhance the quality of the business, particularly Chef Mark.

These two details were at the forefront of our designs.

Hiilite Portfolio-Waterfront Cafe-Combination logo

Sophisticated but approachable, Waterfront Café conveys itself as an experience first, and a coffee shop second.


Project Manager: Adrienne Renaud
Graphic Design: Tina Walczak
Graphic Design: Carly Scoville
Photography: Donovan Wagner
Web Development: Heather Treadgold