True Dental

A Dental Experience that is AWESOME


Unique Dental Marketing

Why can’t a dentist’s office be fun? Cutting through the worry and anxiety that can come along with dental visits, True Dental’s brand is welcoming, fun, and kid-friendly. Hiilite took inspiration from their unique office space to produce a website which evokes the same sense of positivity that True Dental works so hard to cultivate.

+796% Increase in Website Traffic

When Hiilite took over True Dental’s social media channels, visits to their site shot up. In the previous year they had just 50 visits from social media. During their first year with Hiilite managing their accounts, that number grew to 448!


Project Manager: Toria Mueller
Chief Design Officer: Tina Walczak
Web Development: Damien Stewart
Interior Design: Sinclair Dental
Content Creation: Ellen Gregory

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