Rustic Reel Brewing

kelowna brewery marketing rustic reel exterior shot
kelowna rustic brewery top view of beer

Rustic Reel Brewing: Brewery Marketing and Design with a Fresh Taste

Breweries continue to pop up as one of the most popular new small businesses so there can be stiff competition to stand out. We designed a brand new website for Rustic Reel that embodied their brand essence and casual company feel. To complement the website, we crafted new can packaging, print materials, and other design elements that unified their bold, rustic brand. When completed, Rustic Reel Brewing had an attention-grabbing, complete, clear brand consistent across all their marketing. 

kelowna brewery marketing interior design rustic reel
kelowna brewery marketing rustic reel interior photo
kelowna brewery marketing rustic reel owner

The people behind the brand are just as important (if not more so) than the brand itself. We collaborated closely with Susi, the owner and visionary of Rustic Reel Brewing, to bring her vision to life while embodying her kick-ass positive energy into every aspect of the brand’s voice.

kelowna brewery marketing owner and staff cheers

Making it authentic with custom photography

Anyone can use stock photos, but when you use custom photography you add a personal element that people immediately recognize as authentic. The best sites use specific angles and shots to showcase their company in a way that makes the location instantly recognizable. This is exactly what we accomplished with Rustic Reel.

kelowna brewery marketing beer being oured
kelowna brewery marketing food service photo
kelowna brewery marketing rustic reel interior
kelowna brewery marketing keg photo
kelowna brewery marketing black ipa beer card
kelowna brewery marketing menu deisgn
kelowna brewery marketing can packaging designs

Turning heads with refreshing packaging and print materials

Being the “New Kid on the Block” Brewery, Rustic Reel needed to make a big splash. The finished product is clear brand consistency across all Rustic Reel Brewing marketing materials.

kelowna brewery marketing design print roller banner for events
rustic reel brewery marketing beer samples

15000 visitors

in the first 6 months since launch

We created a brand new website for Rustic Reel that embodied their brand essence and casual company feel. In addition to information about the beer & brewery itself, their new website also boasts info on event rental bookings, the #GetReel blog, career information for potential new hires, an online store for their beer and merchandise, and “The Tackle Box Local Market” – a treasure trove of other goods from local sellers.

kelowna brewery marketing laptop homepage rustic reel
kelowna brewery marketing design of pages
kelowna brewery marketing ecommerce online shop on tablet

Brewing up a rustic online shopping experience

With a huge switch to online shopping, we wanted to extend that through an online store were people could buy classy and slick merch, and their beer online.

kelowna brewery marketing beer and dog


Project Manager: Emilia Muscardin
Graphic Designer: Cam Schreiner
Graphic Designer: Jamie Langevin
Web Development: Damien Stewart
SEO: Patrick Henderson
Content: Brandon Cooper
Photography: Madison Cook

kelowna brewery marketing rustic reel logo

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