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Brand Revitalization

To overcome the challenges faced by Rosebuds Consignment, our team proposed a comprehensive solution to revitalize their brand identity. We embarked on a brand revitalization journey, focusing on modernizing their branding while maintaining its feminine and sophisticated appeal.

Brand Identity Design, Web Design, SEO/SEM Setup, Photography

Logo Redesign

The logo redesign process involved refining and modernizing the original rose imagery, which is synonymous with Rosebuds Consignment. We carefully cleaned up and streamlined the logo, giving it a more polished and contemporary look. Additionally, we opted for a darker shade of red to elevate the logo’s maturity and sophistication. The resulting logo perfectly captures the essence of Rosebuds Consignment, balancing familiarity with a refreshed aesthetic.

Website Redesign And Optimization

The second aspect of the project involved a complete overhaul of Rosebuds Consignment’s website. We recognized the need to create a seamless user experience that showcased their unique offerings while aligning with their revitalized brand identity.

WordPress Integration

To address the challenges of their previous website’s update process, we rebuilt the website on the versatile WordPress platform. This shift allowed for easy content updates and maintenance, empowering Rosebuds Consignment to stay up-to-date with their product inventory, promotions, and customer engagement.

Modern Aesthetic And User Experience

The redesigned website features a modern aesthetic that seamlessly incorporates Rosebuds Consignment’s refined branding. We carefully crafted a visually captivating experience for visitors, using contemporary design elements, intuitive navigation, and high-quality imagery. The new website truly reflects the essence of Rosebuds Consignment, ensuring that users feel engaged and inspired while exploring the available products and services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to enhance Rosebuds Consignment’s online visibility, we implemented essential SEO strategies during the website redesign process. By optimizing the website’s structure, meta tags, and content, we positioned Rosebuds Consignment for improved organic search rankings and increased online discoverability.

Measurable Results

The collaboration between our marketing company and Rosebuds Consignment yielded measurable outcomes. The revitalized website experienced a notable increase in traffic. Moreover, the website’s optimized design resulted in a 15% boost in organic search traffic in the first few months, attracting valuable leads directly from search engines. The seamless user experience and captivating design elements contributed to increased user engagement and higher conversion rates.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Throughout the project, we closely monitored key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the branding and website initiatives. KPIs included website visitors, which experienced a notable increase, and engagement metrics such as click-through rates and time spent on the site. These indicators showcased the effectiveness of our strategies in capturing the attention of the target audience and driving meaningful interactions.

Meet the team

Project Manager: Bijoy Benhur/Ajeet Singh
Graphic Design: Scott Watson
Web Development: Heather Treadgold/Joseph Fortino
SEO: Patrick Henderson
Content: Jake Maclearn
Strategy: William Walkczak

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