Portia Ella

March 28th, 2018
Chief Design Officer: Tina Walczak
Graphic Designer: Carly Scoville
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Portia Ella is a Canadian beauty retailer with a mission to provide safe and ethically sourced products to bring out every woman’s natural beauty. Portia Ella came to Hiilite knowing that we could help bring their vision for a logo to life. The company was getting ready to transition from being a smaller online retailer to have its own physical retail space. With the new space came the need for a new logo. Here at Hiilite, we love working with brands that have a vision to be sustainable and ethical and Portia Ella was no exception. The company puts an emphasis on carrying effective, ethical products that are safe to use. Additionally, many of their products are natural and aren’t tested on animals.

Our Process:

When Portia Ella approached Hiilite, they had a few concepts for their logo but needed help bringing their vision to life. They were inspired by higher-end fashion companies, but wanted to keep their brand “down to earth”. Meaning, they wanted to stay relatable to the everyday women who purchase their products, while staying in touch with their core values of only making the finest ethically sourced and safe products.


The design process for creating a logo was a collaborative effort that produced the classic logo that Portia Ella has executed throughout many campaigns. At the beginning of the design process, many concepts were considered. Portia Ella had a clear vision of what they wanted their logo to say about their brand. They were looking for something unique and simple, without being too conventional and boring. After the foundation of the logo was complete, a unique texture was applied to add pizzazz to the design. After the design was completed, our designers worked together with Portia Ella show them how their new logo could look in a campaign. Now that the design is complete, Portia Ella has incorporated it into their brand and used it across many campaigns.