ABC Medicinals

March 11th, 2018
Project Manager: William Walczak
Creative Director: Tina Walczak
Content Writer: Alexander VandeLaar
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Alexander VandeLaar



  ABC Medicinals is one of our favourite projects to date. The founder, Kevin Carta, is an extremely passionate, exciting and kind entrepreneur who has already displayed his ability to create a business out of thin air. His first project, Frozen Coconut, has been an overwhelming success, with cartons of organic coconut ice-cream filling the freezers of major retailers across North America. When he mentioned to our team that he was returning to his roots in the Okanagan to capitalize on the ever expanding cannabis market, we knew we had to bring our A game.  

Our Process:

  ABC Medicinals was a little different than most of our clients in the fact that this was a new venture. Hiilite guided Kevin and his partners through the branding process, utilizing a tool we call CORE to dive into the key emotional components of their customers, products and team members. From these insights we created a logo, brand guidelines, a brand story and a full set of marketing materials to aid their venture as they looked to acquire further investments.  

Our Design:

  We discovered exactly who ABC Medicinals customers were and went to work creating a brand identity that would connect with their future supporters. We tapped into the breathtaking location of ABC Medicinals and let the raw natural elements of the Okanagan shape a brand that was organic, natural, and inspiring. We finished our designs with a sprinkling of hipster influence, leaving us with a cannabis brand that we are truly proud of.