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Enamel Dental Centre


Enamel Dental Centre - Penticton Dentist Branding & Website Design

Focus on Trust

Enamel Dental Centre built trust for over 20 years in their community — Hiilite brought that to the attention of the public. Trust distinguishes brands in local areas, but unless you’re a local, you may never know. We leveraged their existing brand and revitalized the design, taking the best from the past and bringing it to the present.

Brand Identity

A handwritten font conveys their personal touch, which is paired eloquently between their logo and wordmark. Nature was the inspiration behind colour. A soft shade of green was selected as a calming tone, refreshingly light, whereas the pink is a palatable contrast that still maintains the natural aesthetic.

Website Design

In creating their website, Hiilite worked closely with Enamel’s team to provide users with a breakdown of each service and technology they have on-hand. The homepage opens to a slider that rolls through their brand attributes — trust, community, and anxiety-free dentistry. The inner-pages provide a wealth of information to set patient’s hearts at ease regarding any procedure.


Project Manager: Emilia Muscardin
Graphic Designer: Jamie Langevin
Photography: Donovan Wagner
Web Development: Damien Stewart
Content: Ellen Gregory

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