Nala Care

March 26th, 2018
Project Manager: Danielle Scheven
Chief Design Officer: Tina Walczak
Content Writer: Alexander VandeLaar
Web Developer: Heather Treadgold
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Nala Care came to Hiilite looking for a new ecommerce website that looked, felt and smelled like their incredible brand of free-form beauty products. They already had a beautiful brand, breath-taking packaging, and photography created by the world class creative ideas agency Arithmetic in Vancouver, so the bar was set incredibly high. The end result? A fully functional e-commerce site, wrapped in an organic design that celebrates the messaging, brand, and people behind Nala at every turn.

Our Process:

Nala Care was a unique and touching project for us. Our team worked directly with Mila and Ada, the mother daughter team at Nala Care, to gain an intimate connection with their goals and products. By connecting with their story, we were able to find inspiration and channel those emotions directly into our website design.

Our Design:

We discovered who Nala Care’s customers are and went to work creating a  web-design that would directly connect with their customers. Nala Care was inspired by Mila’s husband and Ada’s father who tragically passed away from cancer. It was this tragedy that drove the mother-daughter team to create products they felt were socially responsible and free from harmful ingredients. We created a website design that balanced the emotional connection Mila and Ada had with Nala Care, while finding was to resonated with their target audience.