Dog Relations

November 10th, 2017
Designer: Tina Walczak
Web Developer: Heather Treadgold
Project Management: Adrienne Renaud
Business Consultant: William Walczak
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Tina Walczak

DogRelations™ NYC dog training is committed to force free methods that lead to an enjoyable and life enriching relationship between humans and canines. When owner Elisabeth Weiss first came to us, she was looking to refine the image of her brand. She loved her clientele (the humans and the dogs!) and wanted her business to mirror their high expectations and elegant style. Task: Transform Dog Relations NYC’s image to look like it belonged on Madison Avenue. We were extremely excited to begin this project because, well we love dogs here at Hiilite. Cooper Mueller, our VP of moral was brought on board for all the meetings involving Dog Relations. His past experiences as a Boston Terrier were invaluable as we dove into a canine mindset. We poured through vast amounts of examples and research, discovering what drew the attention of Dog Relations customers. In the end, it was our Chief Design Officer, Tina, that used her experiences in the world of fashion to narrow down our designs and focus on the clean, elegant and vogue inspired design that Dog Relations NYC now proudly wears. Hiilite continues to maintain our ongoing relationship with Elisabeth by providing SEO, social media, and marketing consultation for her business.