Osoyoos Credit Union

March 27th, 2018
Project Manager: Danielle Scheven
Chief Design Officer: Tina Walczak
Content Writer: Alexander VandeLaar
Web Developer: Heather Treadgold
Designer: Jamie Langevin
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Osoyoos Credit Union initially came to Hiilite looking for a complete website revamp. Our development and design teams worked together to construct a fully functional financial services website that reflected the community-driven culture of the credit union. We think we knocked this project out of the park and so did Osoyoos Credit Union apparently as they decided to partner with us for all their marketing needs moving forward!


In order to create an accurate, online representation of the Osoyoos Credit Union brand, we started with a full out strategy session. By uncovering the details of the actual clients that use their services in Osoyoos, we began to understand the connection between the community and the business. From a marketing and design perspective, there is so much potential hidden within individual user stories. Instead of thinking of a client as a John Doe, we gained insight into real people that rely on Osoyoos Credit Union every day to help with their finances and based our work off of their emotional cues. This strategy was integrated into the organization, build and design of their site, then carried over into all of their marketing materials and ongoing social media efforts.


At this stage, we already had an in-depth understanding of the families and individuals that rely on Osoyoos to organize their financial life. This is where we started with our design thinking process. We next visited Osoyoos and really got a feel for the town and the natural elements that surrounded the community. If you have yet to visit, you need to schedule a trip to this incredible, winery laden area of British Columbia. Osoyoos is really the only area in Canada that you can truly call a desert- the wildlife, architecture and culture all reflect this. Our design team further enhanced their work with a rustic touch that speaks to the foundation of the credit union and its users.