Burtch Dental

December 1st, 2017
Photographer: Donovan Wagner
Chief Design Officer: Tina Walczak
Developer: Damien Stewart
Designer: Cam Schreiner
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Donovan Wagner

Dr. Tusca Aslani came to Hiilite with a vision of a brand new dental centre which was still under construction in Kelowna. While the bricks and mortar were being assembled, our creative and development teams devised a fully function website that would support the new "Burtch Dental" brand. To bring our branding designs to life, our photography team traveled to the new practice just as the final details were put in place. The images we captured of their team and modern office were integrated into the website and other marketing materials, finishing our branding process with a personalized touch that customers would connect with and instantly recognize. The details on this project came together perfectly and will be supported moving forward with strong SEO and social media campaigns that will drive traffic to Burtch Dental for years to come.