Bar & Co Consulting

Bar & Co Consulting is a personalized consulting partner for integrating and optimizing Viewpoint Vista and components of Trimble Construction One within your business. As experts in Viewpoint Vista software consulting, Bar & Co Consulting will ensure that your business utilizes the full spectrum of Vista’s capabilities, to enhance data analysis and improve operational efficiency.

Logo Design, Typography & Colour Palette, Style Guide


Hiilite played a crucial role in transforming Bar & Co Consulting from a well-regarded local service provider to a professional brand in the business consulting market. Our comprehensive services included crafting the brand’s unique logo, typography and colour palette and developing a comprehensive style guide, thereby establishing a solid brand identity and visual language that resonates with its clientele.

Meet the team

Project Manager: Nicole Forbes
Graphic Design: Pushpa Prajapati

Website design, SEO, & marketing that will grow your business.

To get the best marketing results, you’ll need to assemble a team of badass people to work with you. Luckily, we have them in spades and raring to go.

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