Architects of London


Stories By Shabnam Noor

April 29th, 2018
Chief Design Officer: Tina Walczak
Graphic Designer: Carly Scoville
Content Creation and Strategy: Alexander VandeLaar




Stories came to Hiilite as a new venture. The owners, Shabnam and Rizwan, had impressive experience in the architectural industry and were ready to now venture out on their own. When we first met with the client, the name of this new venture was not even selected. The team required a complete brand creation that fit with Shabnam’s unique approach to architecture.

Our Process:

We started with strategy meetings, diving into the finer details of their vision. We got to know both the owners and the future customers intimately. What magazines did they read? What brands did they gravitate to? We took all of the information we collected on Shabnam, her dream clients. and the city of London, and started throwing ideas at the wall.

Our Design:

Our Creative Director, Tina Walzck, worked one of our designers, Carly Scoville, to construct three different variations, or visions, of the brand. We played around with various elements, colours, and words that we felt would best connect Shabnam’s skills with her future dream clients. In the end, we decided to focus on Shabnam and Rizwan’s ability to tell a client’s story through a physical creation. That is exactly what they were and are at the core- storytellers. The brand quickly fell into place after making this distinction and we were left with an elegant representation of the most exciting architectural firm in London, England.