Agents of Discovery

March 8th, 2018
Project Manager: Liz Dunning
Creative Director: Tina Walczak
Web Developer: Damien Stewart
Web Developer: Heather Treadgold
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Agents of Discovery (AOD) came to us looking for a website overhaul. The layout, user experience and design were incredibly important for this project as the AOD team had recently had secured a few major partnerships that could potentially drive a significant amount of traffic to their site.


After conducting significant research into AOD's multiple users, as well as the adoption and UX of applications from the Apple Store, we created a streamlined web presence that was easy to navigate, educated clearly and quickly, and funnelled traffic to download the app.


We wanted the design of the website to speak directly to their users while still retaining the essence of the brand. We took the three main users of AOD and discovered that we could represent the design of each with a single word. Those three words were: engage, inspire, innovate. The final product is light, clean and playful. It also provides quick access to the App Store or Google Play Store should users want to dive right in and start experience the offering.