The 5Faces Difference

5Faces Care Services & Facial Treatments


5Faces Skin Care Branding & Design

5Faces is about empowerment. Their process involves a one-on-one approach to strengthening and rejuvenating the facial muscles for long-term care of the face.

Early on, we made the decision to realize the brand through model photography. Given the, at times, immaterial nature of 5Faces’ services, brand value is brought to life through real people. A regal palette of gold, purple, and a dark grey contrast were applied liberally. Through their brand, 5Faces invokes feelings of desirability, lust, confidence, and permanence.

Emotion in Imagery

Images from our photoshoot are scattered throughout the inner-pages. Shots of the models were taken in water, a symbol of health and vitality. Each face confers a sense of self-confidence, or perhaps ferocity, to the viewer. The text walks users through the 5Faces mentality and practice, providing value to the reader while enticing them to take the next step.


Project Manager: Danielle Scheven
Graphic Designer: Cam Schreiner
Web Development: Damien Stewart
Content: Alex VandeLaar
Content: Ellen Gregory

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