On Shamrocks and Finding Your Brand’s Voice
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On Shamrocks and Finding Your Brand’s Voice


Another year, another St. Patrick’s Day. Do you join in with the legions of companies rolling out green-themed campaigns and posting leprechaun images on social media, while implying that if only they bought into what your company was selling that they’d finally find their ‘pot of gold’? Well… maybe. It depends.


Does it fit your brand’s voice?

If you are representing an Irish restaurant, pub, beer or Lucky Charms then absolutely; break out the green food dye and St. Paddy’s Day memes and have some fun! Otherwise, before hopping on the bandwagon of using every Holiday under the sun to promote your business, take a moment to assess if it fits with your brand’s voice.

Brand voice is combination of several things including the style and tone of your writing and communications across all platforms. The voice used in your advertisements, on social media, the content on your website, and virtually everywhere else plays a huge part in giving your brand heart and soul.

Ask yourself if the campaign you have in mind fits with your brand’s voice. Is it worth your time and effort? Will your customers care, or see you as another generic voice in the crowd using anything as an excuse to try and get their attention? We do our consumers a disservice when we fail to keep marketing relevant.

Does anyone remember Nike’s big St. Paddy’s Day ‘Marketing Fail’? See: St. Patrick’s Day Marketing: The Good and the Bad

Your brand voice should be consistent and purposeful.

This doesn’t just apply to Holidays of course, but it makes for a good example as they are often seen as an easy excuse for a campaign theme. Everything communicates, and the type of messaging you put out should stay consistent with what your brand represents.

If your logo wasn’t included anywhere on your website, social media or advertisements do you think your audience could still identify it all as coming from the same brand?

If your brand was a person, would people enjoy carrying on a conversation with them? Would they feel annoyed or patronized and walk away, or feel welcomed and intrigued about what else you might have to say?


Discovering (or re-discovering) your brand’s voice.

It’s ok; as organizations grow it is common for it to take time to develop a clear, deliberate brand voice. Maybe you have already gone through a process in the past to identify your brand voice, but over time things may have deviated from the original vision in a frantic attempt to keep up with the latest trends, holiday and current events for a quick marketing fix.

What’s important is that you are now starting to think about it.

Is it time for a re-assessment? As with all good things, there is no quick fix. You will need to take the time and effort to go through the process to discover your brand’s voice, and maintain effort on an ongoing basis with all communication your brand puts out to stay consistent and purposeful.


We’ve compiled a few helpful ‘food for thought’ links on the topic below to help get you started:

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If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and would like some personalized coaching and guidance, please drop us a line!

PS:  If you’ve made it this far:  yes, this was a blog post about marketing using St. Patrick’s day as an excuse to write about people who use St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse for marketing. Good catch. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously – that’s how we roll.

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