What Are The Key Benefits Of SEO?

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  1. Cost effective strategy (less than paid ads) & better ROI

Paid ads can be expensive and maintaining that ad positioning is a costly endeavor. An SEO strategy provides long lasting results, i.e. rankings on Google results pages, that provides FREE traffic for (potentially) the sites lifetime. Ads may ultimately convert at a higher rate, but at the relatively low rate to incorporate an SEO strategy, it ultimately provides the best return on your investment.

  1. Increase in traffic guaranteed

The fact is that a properly optimized website is absolutely going to get more traffic than a non-optimized site. Most clicks and impressions go to the top three rankings on Google’s search results. The chances your website ends up in one of these enviable positions without an SEO campaign is slim-to-none.

  1. Credibility increased

Piggybacking off the previous benefit, sites that rank highly on Google almost immediately gain credibility that otherwise wouldn’t. Google in 2018 is incredibly smart and incorporates several factors into what websites are shown to searchers. As consumers, we trust Google’s ability to understand search intent. If this wasn’t the case, we would be using something else!

  1. Your competitors are doing it

Given the tangible benefits at the relatively low cost, websites that perform well online utilize an SEO strategy to drive more business. If you are one of the few that aren’t, you are essentially kissing potential revenue goodbye.

  1. Data driven marketing

With Google Analytics and Search Console at your disposal, you can test the effectiveness of your SEO strategies and optimize based on results. Your marketing decisions shouldn’t be left up to chance. A sound SEO strategy utilizing the tools available allows you to take a data-driven approach to give quantifiable answers.

  1. Almost permanent results

Once you reach the top spot, there is less risk of losing that spot if you continue with the services of professional SEO consultants or an in-house team. For instance, the keyword ‘seo tips’ shows an article by Search Engine Journal in the first listing, and it has been there since October 2017 according to SEM Rush.