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Brand – Tone & Voice

What do we mean when we are talking about tone and voice?


This is the personality of your brand. For small businesses, the voice is often based on the business owner. As the company grows it becomes it’s own entity. Having a consistent voice for your company is really important and needs to be a vital part of you company culture.

One great way to help identify the voice for your brand is to define it in three simple traits. As you write, market and communicate as your brand, keeping those three traits in mind will ensure that your communication stays consistent.


This is the mood in which your company conveys information. Tone is a part of the overall personality of your brand, but it will vary depending on the information that you are providing to your audience. Just as you don’t speak the same way to your friends as you do to your boss, your brand should speak differently depending on the audience that you are addressing.

Your brand will also vary depending on the medium that you are using. The communication that you use on social media will be very different from the tone that you use in a press release. The easiest way to accomplish this correctly is to have a guideline in place for your company to follow.