Brand – Messaging

Your Brand Messaging tells people what you do and what makes you different.

Before you define your brand’s messaging, you need to have established your Brand’s Identity. Once you’ve outlined who your target audience is, the value you offer, and the emotions you want to convey.. then you’re ready to tackle your message.

Your Brand Messaging is used throughout all your communication with your market. Whether it’s billboard or radio ad, or a meeting over coffee, your message should be consistent. You want every marketing material – and every employee – to effectively communicate what you do in a compelling manner.

Where to start?

A good place to start is to write down every word that relates to your brand. Is your brand playful or serious? adventurous or sophisticated? Take the time to jot down words that describe your brand. Once you have this list, identify the top 5 most important attributes. Now you’ll be able to define the tone and writing style of your Brand Messaging. For example, your tone may be the voice of a professional expert or perhaps it’s more lighthearted and sarcastic. Think about your audience and what makes you different, and choose a tone and vocabulary that speaks to that target market and stays true to your brand identity.

Tip: Make a short vocabulary list composed of words that are “brand aligned” and another list of words to never use (“brand avoid”). This will help keep all team members on the same page!

What’s next?

Next, you’ll want to create a few different content pieces. A mission statement can be great place to start. Your mission statement is the guiding force behind your brand. It should be short and sweet, and all strategy can be ran by it to ensure it aligns with your brand and company goals.

You’ll also want to draft a brand summary or “elevator pitch” that outlines what you do and how you’re different, and why your market should buy from you. Read it out loud to someone (it should be conversational!), and if they respond with “so what?” then you haven’t hit the mark just yet. They should be left with thoughts like, “I get it! That’s interesting!”.

Other Brand Messaging you may want to create is a tagline or slogan for your company. This can take some time to develop, as you want it to be unique and relevant.

Your Brand Messaging needs to resonate with your target market, while communicating the “what” and “why” of your brand.