Content Strategy and Development

Content Strategy and Development

Strategy – Content Strategy and Development

The first step in a content strategy is determining the goal of creating content on a website or other marketing materials. Creation of content needs a core direction and purpose, without which it will only produce generic, simplistic content.


The basis of good content comes from the quality of research. This includes not only the topic you are writing about, but also fully understanding the relationship between the company, customer and competition. This research allows you to narrow the topic of your content to truly convey your message to the audience in the best way. Items that should be properly considered in this process are platform, channel, tone and vision.

User Focused

Too many companies are quick to dive into content strategies with all of the information that they want to tell their customer. The first thing that you need to consider is not your motives, but what the consumer wants from you. What are they searching for? What problem are they trying to solve? By identifying the needs of your target audience you can create content that will directly satisfy your audience.


Creating consistency with branding applies to the written content on your site as well. Discovering the voice that you company has is an important characteristic. Keeping that voice consistent throughout you content marketing will allow your audience to recognize and connect with the brand that you are creating.


Many companies are eager to jump into the content creation that they forget the strategic side of that process. Make sure that you develop a clear plan for your content creation. Identify the goals you wish to achieve through your content and create a stratgic plan accordingly.


Don’t forget to tell a story. You can write the most informative blog, but if it lacks the readability that comes with good story writing, you will lack the connection with your audience.


Once you have a strategy developed and have produced well written and researched content, it is time to choose your channels accordingly. Not every method of distribution suits your business goals and it is crucial to identify the best route to reach your audience.