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Strategy – Brand Strategy & Planning

Developing long term goals for your business is a great first step. If you know where you want to see your business in 5, 10, 15 years, Hiilite can help you identify the steps to get you there. Your brand isn’t the simply the development of your logo and website, it is the ongoing name, voice and production of your business model.

Early Stage

Brand Identity: Determining the intangibles that include, feeling, voice and purpose.
Brand Design: Concrete visuals including logos, website, email signatures to produce consistent communication.

Growth Stage

SEO: Continual optimization of your web presence to ensure continued growth.
Loyalty: Creating a consistent brand and service to create a loyal customer base.


Maintenance: Continue to maintain your place in the market by keeping an eye on the details.
Flexibility: Growing with your market. Be cautious of getting too comfortable and losing sight of your business needs.