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We build websites, design graphics, create engaging brands, manage social media, SEO and SEM

 Business & Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is defined as the goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that will define your goals, identify your target audience, and detail the tactics to achieve success.

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 SEO & Social Media

Search Engine Optimization is crucial to standing out in the crowd and making sure potential customers can find you online. Combining SEO with social media channels boosts traffic to your website and engages your customers. Building relationships through thoughtful, strategic social media content can create long lasting customer loyalty and increase leads.

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Say what? Search engine Marketing (SEM) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) are digital marketing strategies designed to drive more leads to your online channels. A combination of strategy & tactics converge to create higher conversions and more business.  We can design & execute SEM and CRO strategies for any size business.

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 Branding & Graphic Design

We build brands from scratch, refresh existing brands, and provide full rollout support through our marketing strategy and graphic design services.  The branding process starts with the CORE exercise where we take the time to understand your story and identify your customers. We then strategically craft what you need based on your company goals and BOOM! You end up with branding & design that provides real value to your bottom line.

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 Website Design

We walk you through the information architecture process of website planning quickly and painlessly. Understanding your needs and goals allows us to thoughtfully develop a website design that will work in tandem with your online marketing strategy. Don’t have an online strategy? We can talk about that too.

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 Website Hosting

We have our own servers where we host all our websites. We have complete control and are always willing to help problem-solve any issue that arises. With transparent communication you don’t have to worry about calling another company about your website. We are quick to fix any glitches and will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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 Video Production

Video content is growing in popularity. A video is far more engaging than static content ever could be. Why tell your story when you can show it? Our video production services can help you create the impact you’re looking for, from planning and storyboarding to filming, editing, and exporting the finished product we can manage any size project from beginning to end.

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