SEO is crucial to standing out in the crowd

Organic search results can be cultivated, and we like to consider ourselves to be pretty good farmers.


Quickly gaining a reputation as Canada’s Silicon Valley, Kelowna has become the premier Canadian home to tech start-ups and various entrepreneurs.

Kelowna geographically meets between big city life and rural countryside, and at the middle point between these two realms is the population of Kelowna, growing in distance from the retirement community Kelowna was once known for. Nowadays, Kelowna has a core community that is active, youthful and lively, both online and offline.

When we consider your target audience, we analyze what searches your audience will be using to find your business and website. With that information in hand, we create a profile that is used in every step of building your online presence. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of raising the rank of your website on the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). To make this possible, we find what searches are the ideal targets for us to reach your potential clientele, and displace your competitions position. This takes more than tweaking a website, ongoing SEO allows us to build more quality links to your website through written articles, blog content, graphic design, and social media engagement. Rolling all these pieces into one package means your business is taking every avenue possible to reach your audience. Merging our high-tech analytic software with a foundational understanding of demographic marketing, SEO and SEM, Hiilite will electronically introduce your business to a larger set of clients, or rework your existing marketing tools to better focus in on the subset of the population that you want most. Our team is talented and capable of meeting the growing demands for online business, working with many of the elite brands and companies that dot Kelowna’s map, and far beyond it. Find out how we are growing businesses today!

How Does SEO Work in the Okanagan Valley?

The Okanagan is exploding with exceptional talent and world-class wineries. Constantly expanding, industries in Kelowna are seeing unprecedented success in their ongoing development and progress. To fulfill their interests, local businesses are realizing the importance and potential of their online presence to bring in more customers.

In the modern era, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quickly be coming the pivotal key to success in the Okanagan. SEO works through several mechanisms that, if properly integrated, bring your website to the front of Google for the top keywords used in your field. With the population expanding, the demographic of the Okanagan is shifting quickly. Finding a marketing firm that feels the beating pulse of the Okanagan is a necessity in reaching your potential clientele, and that is precisely what Hiilite delivers – converting web traffic to visitors, and visitors into customers. Search Engine Optimization is the process of planning and building your web presence with the final goal being a higher position on Google’s search results.

With the major search providers (Google, Bing, Yahoo) constantly changing and reworking their search algorithms, Hiilite strives to stay ahead of the curve and, by extent, your competition. SEO fuels every part of our work here at Hiilite, and incorporating ongoing SEO into your webpage and social media is a proven way to get more customers, more leads, and more business in the Okanagan – from Kelowna to Penticton, Vernon to Salmon Arm, and everywhere in-between!

What helps us to hit your demographic is an understanding of what people in the Okanagan are searching for. By using cutting-edge marketing tools and analytics, Hiilite identifies, targets, and addresses a subset of the general population that is searching for your business, but may not know where to look. SEO does not exclusively mean using the obvious keywords related to your business, but also ancillary keywords that may be used interchangeably to reach a larger set of organic search results that your business fulfills. In doing this, we not only reach searchers who know your business and what you do, but also the peripheral searchers that might not know of your business, or what you do, yet!

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media service tiers to fit your budget & requirements

Build the foundation of your SEO platform. The essential tools and ongoing advice to get your business on the track to success.

  • Install or review Google Analytics
  • Install or review Google Webmaster Tools
  • Submit or review Google Places for Business
  • Review site score on grading platforms
  • Install SEO tool on sites with a content management system
  • Double check site for user friendly URLs
  • Submit site to major search engines
  • Create and submit XML sitemap to major search engines
  • Implement HTML sitemap
  • Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to research appropriate terms to target
  • List and check keywords in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Update SEO plugin for page titles and meta description
  • Monthly meeting (in person, Skype or phone) to review analytics.

Get the most out of your content & social media presence with additional tools and skills. Your business will climb the rankings for the search terms you need to focus on.

  • Update media files ( file names, title & alt tags)
  • Update and edit selected site content with appropriate keywords and hierarchy
  • On-site content marketing strategy (e.g. portfolio & gallery updates. product catalogue updates blogging)
  • Monthly report on traffic, site grading, rankings
  • Monthly content marketing consultation.
  • Facebook Ads management
  • Google AdWords management
  • + 1 Blog Post per month
  • + 15 posts per month on 2 social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

Hand over your online presence. Get help building new and interesting content targeted to your ideal clients & new markets. The fastest way to generate traffic paired with a long-term strategy for high rankings.

  • Social media strategy (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc)
  • Pay-per-click marketing strategy
  • Monthly reporting includes competitor comparison
  • Content for pay-per-click marketing
  • Content creation – monthly blog article, social media
  • Facebook Ads management
  • Google AdWords management
  • + 2 Blog Post per month
  • + 30 posts per month on
    3 social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

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