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Top Website Design Trends 2017

Much like in fashion, website design trends come and go. The web is ever evolving and that site you had built 5 years ago may be starting to look stale and dated. If it's time for you to revamp your online look in the same way you ditched those passé pieces from your 2006 wardrobe then read on for our top 5 website design trends of 2017.

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Understanding Personal Branding with Angela Roy

The tricky part about personal branding is balancing the end result between what the customers expect from your brand as well as what you feel represents yourself. If the entrepreneur does not feel connected with their own brand, it will not translate the passion that person has for their business. On the flip-side however, if the brand does not speak to it's target audience, it will miss the mark completely.

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5 Secrets to Creating Responsive Web Design

Last week we sat down with one of our clients and they asked us: “You’ll make a mobile and tablet version of my website too, right?” We love questions like that and jumped on the opportunity to explain that the way we design our clients’ websites is through the utilization of a method called responsive […]

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Web Design 101

When you’re looking to build a new website, where do you start? Many companies know they want and/or need a new site, but that’s about as far as they get when it comes to planning. There’s no denying that your web presence is important, but when it comes to deciding what that should look like you […]