3 Ways To Get More New Patients For Your Dental Practice EVERYDAY! 


How great would it be to remove the “Accepting New Patients” sign because your practice is consistently booming with new leads? Could this really be possible? The answer is YES! 


The Following 3 Methods Are Guaranteed To Generate New Patient Leads Easily, EVERYDAY!

  1. Drive People To A Website That Inspires, Excites, and Informs!
  2. Social Proof – Show me the LOVE and 5-Star REVIEWS!
  3. Lead Generation Ads On Facebook and Instagram – Hit them where they live!

1. Drive People To A Website That Inspires, Excites, and Informs! 

Would you trust an obese fitness instructor, or a skinny pastry chef?! The right look and information is important. 

It sucks to lose before you even get a chance to compete and, unknown to you, your website could be costing you patients before you even get a chance to say Hii. With the internet in everyone’s back pocket, users can decide who they do or do not want to do business with from the impression they get off your website alone. Someone landing on your website is like a 30 second elevator pitch; you have a chance to win them over or lose them for good. So how do we inspire them to connect with us? 

It’s your photography. If you have 30 seconds (and that’s being generous) to win someone over, a picture worth a thousand words will get you further than anything you write, any award you share, or any accreditation you have. PEOPLE WANT TO SEE PEOPLE. And not generic stock photos of people with awkwardly white teeth smiling as they play with their golden retriever. They want to see you, your staff, your building. They want to see happy patients, in your city or office, who are just like them using your services. Professional photography gives people a chance to feel like they know you and more, LIKE you, inspiring them to give you a call.

2. Social Proof – Show me the LOVE and 5-Star REVIEWS! 

Social proof is the notion that if it’s good for everyone else, it’s good for me. We trust the opinions of friends, and people who are like us. We build social proof by having clients leave testimonials we can share on our website and social accounts and by asking clients leave reviews on platforms like Google My Business and your Facebook Page. If you are not asking happy patients to leave Google or Facebook reviews, you are missing out on one of the most effective (and cheapest) forms of organic advertising. The key here is to ask for a “5-Star Review on Google”. We need to ask (often) and incentivize our patients to do so. People are busy and are pulled in a million directions, and get bombarded with thousands of messages, posts, and disruptions daily. What’s the secret to getting more reviews?

What we have found to ensure we’re getting the reviews needed to inspire new patients to call is a request when they check out, follow up email with links to both Facebook and Google where we ask them to leave a review and incentivize them to do so. We’ve also added “Review Request” pages so we can filter out potential non-5-star review. The offer needs to be worth their effort like a review in exchange for an electric toothbrush, or free whitening. As a practice you get to decide what that incentive is.

3. Lead Generation Ads On Facebook and Instagram – Hit Them Where They Live! 

 We know that billions (yes, billions) of people are on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram multiple times, every single day. We have found this to be a very profitable ad platform and if you’re not currently using it, you’re losing out on a TON of potential clients (Your direct competition is probably already using it). What makes advertising on these platforms incredibly powerful if your ability to relay the right message, to the right person, at the right time thanks to Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities. While advertising on these platforms can take time and be costly (when done without experience, or by your front desk staff) they have proven to be incredibly effective and powerful. The goal on these methods is to first grab a potential patient’s attention by offering something of incredible value. This could be an offer like free whitening:

or a spa package in January or February (see example above), or a laptop during the back-to-school season (see below), which will get you noticed, and get them into your office and give you a chance to impress them with your beautiful office, your friendly staff, and your expert dentistry skills.

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